Interior designing moving towards sustainability

What is interior designing all about?

Well in my opinion it’s about building houses with innovative ideas like fitting stuff in small spaces. In addition to this these days, interior designers are moving towards sustainability. For example, using light colours as they reflect light therefore in that case we can decrease the usage of artificial light. Hence by using such ideas we can incorporate sustainability and that will help us in reducing our carbon footprints.

Let’s discuss some other ideas by which we can work towards sustainability: –

  • Designs for energy efficiency

Using a light-coloured paint, as they help in reflecting light and decreases the use of artificial light. Further, we can install window coverings and blinds or shades to maintain a cool temperature inside houses. Also, we can put up curtains or drapes to keep cold air and sunlight outside the house.

Designs for energy efficiency
  • Designs to put less impact on the environment

Under this we can use bamboo as it takes less time to grow in comparison to wood. Therefore, we can use bamboo or another renewable resource so that we can decrease our dependency on wood. For this, it is important to be aware of the things which are reusable and can be used to make other products by the process of upcycling.

Designs to put less impact on the environment
  • Designs for waste reduction

This refers to consciously using those kinds of decorative material that does not gets worn out easily. This means that we should not go for trendy things all the time rather we should try to opt for things that are classy and would go with the interior at all times.

Designs for waste reduction
  • Design for longevity and flexibility

Here we focus more on installing those things which have a long life. For example, we should opt for classy and simplistic flooring for our home to avoid wear and tear. Also, in addition, to focusing on the longevity of the design we aim to make the interior flexible like using walls that can be moved, furniture that can be reassembled and moved to other parts of the house. This is required as the children in the home get bigger and bigger therefore the need for change arises with time. Hence all these kinds of innovations are required to incorporate the new idea.

Design for longevity and flexibility

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