We’ve worked on a wide range of projects and built our legacy with each year of effort and dedication, from stylists and corporate bodies in the south of India to full-fledged government offices and many residences.


A workspace is a place of worship, a place of worship that gives returns on inputs. The need to be productive is greatly influenced by whether or not your surroundings make you jolly and contented with what you do.

An environment that boosts your serotonin and increases your overall efficiency, we hereby work in the direction that makes you want to work.


A private and intimate place for some, while a playground for the young ones, a bedroom speaks in a thousand unspeakable languages.

We hear these unsung voices and turn your imagination into a bedroom of your choice. 

A choice you choose leaving behind all your worries in the hallway before entering YOUR shrine.


The way to any person’s heart is through the kitchen, and we intend on making it a Cook’s dream and a foodie’s heaven. That being said, we curate a kitchen altered to your needs and wants. 

“You are indeed what you eat, why not have fun doing it,” is one of the things we pay close attention to. 


Enabling you to get yourself refreshed with the drops of pious water around a beautifully designed structure.